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Aug. 24th, 2010 @ 07:45 pm (no subject)
Hello I am very interested in becoming in Au Pair in France I have a few questions mainly questions on when I should actually go.

I really want to start next fall but the thing is I am still in college and would have to pay back my student loans if I am not a full-time student, I think you get a six month grace period but I would be in France(hopefully) for ten months. I was looking at the French Visa requirements and one of them is proof of being a student, if I wait until I graduate will I still be considered a student? So I'm not exactly sure when would be a good time to go through with this experience.

Also is it better to go through a program like InterExchange or is it better to find a family on your own?

Thank you for any help I really appreciate it.
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