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Aug. 7th, 2010 @ 04:32 pm I need your help!!!
I've registered at greataupair.com/ recently and was going to become a paid member ASAP. But the website doesn't approve my only bank card for the payement. The problem is that my card's type is VISA electron while any internet payement system requiers VISA classic or Master card. So I can't become a paid member what makes my search through this website much harder.

Yesterday I added a family to my hot list and GOT A POSITIVE REPLY from them!! God, this is my dream family, for sure!! But the problem is they are not paid members as well, so I can't see their e-mail and they can't see mine. And there's no way I can contact them!!! I'm really desperate!!! My heart's bleading and I hate this VISA f*&#ing Electron card!! If someone who has a greataupair subscribtion could watch their e-mail for me, I'be be the most grateful person alive!! Please, write me here and I will give you the family's locator number.

Для русскоязычной части коммьюнити напишу проще: ребята, если у кого-нибудь есть платный аккаунт на greataupair.com, пожалуйста, гляньте для меня один адрес!! Сайт не принял мю картчку для платы и теперь я не могу связаться с семьёй, которая мне написала. Я в отчаянии!!((( Если вы поможете, я буду ооооочень благодарна!!!

Заранее спасибо!!!
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