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Aug. 14th, 2010 @ 08:02 am Ciao
Hello. Sorry if there are rules about intro posts but navigating live journal on a four year old phone is hard! I am a twenty four year old au pair named ashleigh. I am from the states and now living near lake garda in italy as an au pair and english techer for the coldest family ever! I think they have me confused with a twenty four seven nanny. They even made me go to a friends house and watch their kid OVERNIGht once. I am going to say something but it is only my second week and we are on a vacation until tuesday so i will wait until its back to boring normal life to bring it up. Dont want to wreck the otherwise awesome vacation with conflict. It gets lonely so i was seeing if there are other au pairs in the area. I like going on adventures, books, cats, sewing, punk music, and travelling. I work as a photojournalist for a magazine and am taking time off to au pair and teach as a cheap way to see the world and do some freelance travel writing. So yeah, if youre in italy leave me a comment! Or if you know how to find punk shows in europe ha.
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